Advanced Logistics Limited works closely with Bisham Consulting to provide a portfolio of services to improve Supply Chain Management operations. We offer computerised modelling for both Warehouse Management and Transport Management, reviewing ASIS, with an impact evaluation of options. We have built models for companies involved in retailing, paper manufacturing, food manufacturing, third party contracting, office supplies, engineering parts and security services.

As transport consultants we have a strong customer base both in UK and Pan-European areas, from major manufacturers to retailers with extensive networks of depots and outlets. Our studies have been at both a strategic level, reviewing the number and location of national and regional warehouses, as well as the tactical level where change brought about by re-engineering manufacturing bases or other sources of supply is evaluated.

We have also conducted ‘hands-on’ operational reviews for specific distribution centres, and multiple site operations. Through these we’ve shown where opportunities exist for improved productivity and efficiencies brought about by changes to current methodologies, equipment or operational processes.

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